Vineyard Management Software - About Vinelytics

How we got started...

Technology and agriculture have a beautiful synergy if channeled properly, allowing the wine grower to accomplish things previously thought unattainable. This was the driving belief behind Vinelytics. We started with two simple questions. What industry and grower pains can we solve with our vineyard management software? Is this the right time in the industry to bring this to market? Instead of making assumptions and building something growers wouldn’t need, we asked them directly. Instead of pretending we knew everything about viticulture, we partnered with wine associations and institutions to teach us, instead of trying to be something we weren’t, Vinelytics became what it was meant to be. Vinelytics was grown from the ground up by growers...for growers... to solve a problem; the problem of inaccurate and antiquated vineyard management data. With Vinelytics, all of your vineyard data, reporting and statistics are available to you, at the touch of a button on any device covering a range of operations from weather analysis, field recommendations, labor management and costing. Wine agriculture is changing and we want to better prepare you to change with it. As we like to say, what if you could stop asking “what if”?

Vinelytics timeline

We may be young, but our technology and viticulture knowledge comes from decades of experiences...

Project "Vinelytics" is born at SDSU

Students on the campus of SDSU discuss the idea of Vinelytics in a class on vineyard management

Research begins

Interviews and surveys reach vineyard managers & viticulturalists from San Diego to Napa Valley

Development UI begins to take shape

Classmates work hard on the Vinelytics UI demo and present to advocates within the viticulture industry

Technology stack determined

A basic UI prototype takes shape based on the teams discussions of a minimal viable product (MVP)

Market research continues

Amazing feedback from survey respondents helps guide the Vinelytics solution

Vinelytics Beta Starts

Beta program announced and participating vineyards chosen

Final Beta Takes Shape

R&D continues with Vineyard partners in Beta Program

Beta Goes Live

The very first deployment of Vinelytics goes live at Halter Ranch in Paso Robles


You can't do it all on your own. These are the partners we rely on to make Vinelytics happen