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We won't lie... we like data. But for most people to much data is just that... too much. Our dashboards take all of your raw data and make it understandable. After all, who wants to look at big long lists of numbers. Bottomline, Vinelytics makes your data easy to understand so you can make informed decisions to best run your vineyard operations.

  • Weather

    Get up to the hour real-time weather conditions across multiple properties and blocks.

  • Operations

    Gain insights to your bottomline by seeing real time costing of labor, materials, equipment and more.

  • KPIs

    All of our dashboards have easy to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or metrics to quickly assess vineyard operations.

  • Alerts

    All of your KPIs and metrics that we track can be turned into an Alert so you are made aware of conditions to mitigate risks.

Work Orders & Scheduling

Work Orders allow you to manually or automaticlaly create Tasks that get assigned to your crews for work that needs to be done in the vineyard. Vinelytics allows you to schedule growers to certain properties or blocks, take measurements, record events and so much more.

  • Scheduling

    Assign a specified start and end date as well as the growers whom are responsible to complete the task to each Work Order.

  • Tasks

    Choose from a list of common Tasks such as suckering and shoot thinning or create your own and assign them.

  • Materials & Equipment

    Track materials like pesticides and herbicides to rental equipment to determine a true cost of the Work Order.

  • Analytics

    Each Work Order is broken down to show you your cost of labor, materials and equipment for the tasks assigned.

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Irrigation & Spray
Recommendations (RECS)

Knowing when to spray to mitigate diseases in your vineyard can be difficult. Vinelytics uses year over year data, along with industry best practices to mitigate diseases. Our irrigation schedules also work in the same way, providing you with recommendations that you can choose to accept or ignore.

  • Automated Recs

    Vinelytics gathers your weather data automatically, aggregates this information and makes real-time recommendations on actions you should take in the vineyard.

  • Spray Schedules

    Our disease pressure monitoring is 24/7, allowing our software to automatically track vineyard conditions and then deploying recommendations for spraying at critical times.

  • Irrigation Schedules

    Using our Evapotranspiration (ET) algorithms, Vinelytics provides real-time alerts for increasing or reducing watering across your blocks, sub-blocks and rows.

  • Seasonal Tasks

    Vinelytics provides basic AVA-level calendar tasks for a typical growing season that you can review and choose to accept or cancel depending on your specific vineyard needs.

Labor & Material Costing

Understanding your bottomline costs of both growers and materials is key to running a successful vineyard. With Vinelytics, all of your costs are captured based on growers being assigned to Tasks and Materials being allocated to Work Orders. All of these metrics can be reported on at any time.

  • Grower Costs

    Track hours worked and cost of labor to see if your budgets are inline with actual expenses.

  • Material Costs

    Create any materials or items used or consumed in the vineyard and get a breakdown of usage quickly and easily.

  • Equipment Costs

    Whether you use rental equipment or want to track the normal wear and tear of your own assets its all done in Vinelytics.

  • Reporting

    View your costs at the individual Work Order or run a cost report to see expenses across the day, month or year.

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